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Rick's 1965 Ranchero
My '64 Ranchero Deluxe
The Adoption of: "ROSE"
Let me start by introducing you to "Rose", my 1964 Ford Falcon Ranchero Deluxe. She was a Christmas present from my husband Rick.  Before you jump to any conclusions, let me start off by saying I am an classic car fan.  I actually enjoy car shows.  Rick has a 1965 Ranchero that he is restoring as a streetrod, and Rose is my project.
Where do you start in any restoration project?  With a good cleaning.  After sitting in a barn and being used as a farm truck, Rose was dirty....along with the usual grime, we had some mice nests to deal with.  I hope they found a new place to call home back in the barn.
Now, any woman will tell you that a new pair of pretty shoes can do a lot for the ego. Rose's new "shoes" are a set of American Racing Torque Thruster II wheels and  BF Goodrich tires.  I personally think they look great on her, and with the addition of black dust covers, will really stand out. Rick also installed a set of chrome Lakewood traction bars.
My next step is going to be new paint. Her body is in really good shape, so I am going to wait a while for a full body restoration.  The reason for the wait is that my husband Rick has had his Ranchero for 3 years, and it is only fair that he finally gets to give his this treatment.  I am trying to be patient, although it is very hard, as I have discovered.  We do have an order placed with Melvin's Classic Ford Parts for emblems and lettering to go with her new paint, along with some nuts and bolts for Rick's Ranchero "Nicole".
Oh, did I mention the new steering wheel Rick got me for Christmas?  I didn't really like the original, it felt too big to me.  Rick bought me a Grant steering wheel made of mahogany.
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