2002 Thunderbird Blue Paint!
Nicole's Home Coming
I have been without this truck for over 2 years, and my expectations for perfection were sooo high. So high in fact, that I didn't even consider the fact of human error! LOL. I am very pleased with the way it turned out. There were a few spots that got looked over after the  basecoat was applied. The clearcoat went on, and suddenly they were there, and too late to fix!

This factor is why I went with a standard color verses a custom mix, pearl etc. The only draw back of having these small places fixed will be the fact there are NO tape lines, and to fix the blemishes, tape off marks would be present. Believe me I'm thriilled to death! The first day it was home, I put my wheels on! As I put my truck back together, I'll be cleaning out my garage at the same time. Everyone always says: "You oughta paint something down side right here in the middle!"

My thought was that the 2002 Thunderbird Blue paint was so loaded with metallic, and  it almost flip flops between blue and green, that it would have a Shadowplay with the bodylines! As you can see in the pics, I think it accents that area perfectly.

I have yet to put my Tonneau & Spoiler on, but, I realize why Claude, (fellow Falconeer) put vinyl over his hardshell tonneau! I would have had tons of bodyman hours tied up in having it prepped! Fiberglass flat surfaces suck. But, My hood came out damn near perfect!

I rolled it out of the garage to get the pics to post here, and I'm NOT making this up...a blackbird swooped out of the neighbors tree, flew over my truck. My eye was in the camera  lens, and I said to my wife "he didn't did he"? She said YEP! I just knew she was pulling my leg, until... I watched BirdShit  start sliding down my tailgate!  She laughed her ass off! I was caught off guard at first, but then began laughing myself as I quickly dropped the camera and cleaned it off. If that's the worsed that happens, I'll be very lucky! The motor isn't in yet.

Anyway, The new trim accessories really stand out against this paint. I think it has a nice, classy look to it. these pictures do Nicole NO justice! To see it in person, it really  has a WOW factor. I'm still looking out in the garage of a morning in disbelief! hehe. I still can't believe she's mine all mine!  I'm glad I replaced or restored ALL of my accessory trim, it would have looked like crap! Thanks Norm!

I will be in Texas this year for the Falcon Nationals, I hope to meet you there. My truck at that point will  still need interior. And still be unfinished...
but hey, are they ever really finished?
That spot on the door is dust on my scanner!..hehe