Polishing & Brite-Dip Anodizing Aluminum Trim
After having owned several Falcons in the past 15 years, I have observed an obvious need emerging in the restoration process. With the body/paint sequence complete, where does one turn for the refurbishing of metal trim parts? Finding a reputable chrome-plater and stainless restorer is one thing, but what do you do with aluminum items that have turned pitted and cloudy with the passing of time?
Currently, I am pioneering the lost art of brite-dip anodizing. I am working with a small, yet willing, outfit in Los Angeles, with the desire to refine and perfect this process. Re-anodizing is a challenge and, if you've done any inquiring lately, few are willing to attempt it. The time and risk involved in working with aged soft aluminum requires patience and cooperation on the part of the client, as well as time and expertise on the part of the worker. The very nature of the material lends itself to extensive removal of metal to get past the base-level of pitting without breakthrough. After nearly 40 years of exposure to the elements, much of this fine, barely visible wear has often penetrated all the way through the piece. I am fortunate to have discovered a group of metal-restorers who are willing to work with me to perfect the process.
My intentions are to take original trim parts, and supervise the refurbishing. I transport, pick-up and deliver pieces to Los Angeles bi-weekly, going over the fine details with my artesians each time. We discuss successes, areas of needed attention, and possible re-do's. These folks are also highly skilled in repairing and polishing stainless. After the work is completed to my satisfaction, I do the fine-line mask and airbrush factory black accents. Thus far, each project is priced-out according to the time, materials, and labor required to complete the job.
I am attempting to provide a way for our Falcons to reflect intelligent and authentic presention, while avoiding the prohibitive costs of NOS parts. The process is in no way perfected at present, but I'm pleased with what has been accomplished so far!
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